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Tax Tips for Caregivers

Do you currently take care of your aging parent? Well, you might have questions when it comes to doing your taxes. Can you claim your parent as a dependent on your tax return? Answer: You may claim your parent as a dependent if you meet the following tests: You (and your spouse if filing jointly) … Continue reading

Giving & Charity Fraud

We all have organizations that are close to our hearts. This past Saturday, I donated Puppy Chow, bleach, paper towels, pate cat food, dog bones, etc. to a shelter in North Brookfield, MA called Second Chance Animal Services. They do wonderful things for pets and animals. It made me feel so good to think that … Continue reading

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Home Safety Tips for Dementia

Evaluate your environment: A person with dementia may be at risk in certain areas of the home or outdoors. Pay special attention to garages, work rooms, basements and outside areas where there are more likely to be tools, chemicals, spray paint and thinner, cleaning supplies and other items that may require supervision. Avoid safety hazards … Continue reading

Posted in Dementia

Beware of Water Scam!

Before I continue this blog on Dementia, I would like to bring a scam to your attention. While at a Senior Center today, a woman told me that a man came to her door stating that he was from the water company and needed access into her home to shut off the water due to … Continue reading

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