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Benefits of Home Care

The biggest advantage of in-home care for seniors would be the ability to remain in their homes avoiding the need to move into a facility. The cost of home care is much more affordable than a nursing home and is comparable to assisted living. Seniors feel most safe and comfortable in their own homes.

Research shows that individuals who recuperate at home from an illness, surgery, or an injury are opt to heal more quickly and can possibly avoid the costs of readmission to a hospital or medical facility. Home health care workers can help loved ones maintain their level of wellness for a longer period of time. Research also shows that social isolation can be almost as damaging to one’s health as smoking. Having someone to watch a baseball game with or play games or cards, etc. can be very comforting for seniors.
Staying at home helps seniors to maintain a level of dignity and privacy. Home care can also assist family members with other responsibilities so that they do not miss needed time for their employment or their children.

Some of the other benefits of home care include:
• Tailoring to the specific needs of each individual
• Easier for family and friends to visit
• Safe place for contagious infections
• Promotes healing and prevents or postpones institutional living

If you or someone you know is in need of home care, please call Harmony Staffing and Homemaking today at: (774) 420-2500.
We are here to help and we guarantee a friendly experience!

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