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Agency vs Friend When it Comes to Home Care

Finding a caregiver can be a stressful responsibility for family members. Because medical emergencies arise suddenly, decisions must be made quickly. Although sometimes it feels like you can manage it, there may be other times where you feel like you’re just not able to do it all.

Is it better to hire a home health aide from an agency or person recommended by a friend?

I have been told many times that one of the most important factors of choosing a caregiver is trust. The benefits of an agency is that the employee has been CORI and background checked, reference and license verified, and has training. Training is a very important factor. Also agencies must carry insurance and be licensed by the state as well. Our Agency is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Medical conditions can change suddenly and this is a time when training is important. Plus, emotional and mental needs are important factors too. Our caregivers and case managers work together to monitor progress or changes in the client’s health and lifestyle. Any change in the client’s health is immediately reported to family or physician so that the proper steps can be taken. Besides already having experience, our caregivers receive continued training and supervision.

What happens if your friend is not available?
Agencies have replacement staff ready and available if your current caregiver has an emergency. Sometimes finding care when your loved one is just not available can be difficult and stressful for the family.

When you have questions or concerns, always ask in advance. An agency should be comfortable and confident to answer any concern you may have.

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